The Merten Family
Clinton and Marion Counties, Illinois

Our Merten Family Reunions

Merten Family Reunion 2013

Hosted by the Herman Heinrich Abraham Merten branch of the Family
Yearly on the 2nd Sunday of August

The sing-along

(All 2013 Reunion photos taken by Bill OUTIS and Millie MEYERHOLZ.)

Merten Family Reunion - 1931

Merten Cottage, 334 South Castle, Salem, Marion County, Illinois
Edward Merten Branch of the family

Above, Left to Right: Lester Earl FRANCOIS of Sandoval, Clarence L. MERTEN of Shattuc, Beatrice M. J. MERTEN FRAKES of Salem, George Elmer ABERNATHY of Centralia, Aunt Rose MERTEN FRANCOIS with her hand on Frank Milton FRANCOIS both of Sandoval, Anita Fern FRANCOIS of Sandoval, Robert MERTEN of Shattuc in back, William Philp FRAKES with son Philip Howard FRAKES in front, both of Salem, Anna Lucille MERTEN of Shattuc, William Randolph FRAKES of Salem with his hand on his brother Philip's, Minnie MILLET MERTEN of Shattuc in the shade, Edward F. MERTEN of Shattuc, Richard MERTEN of Shattuc, Lydia Conrad MERTEN of Shattuc, and Alice MERTEN SCHMIEDES of St. Louis. The photo was taken by Leila M. MERTEN ABERNATHY of Centrlia.

At Left, Front, left to Right: William Philip FRAKES seated and holding son, Philip Howard FRAKES and standing next to him was his other son, William Randolph FRAKES.
Back, left to Right: Richard MERTEN, Clarence L. MERTEN, Robert MERTEN, George Elmer ABERNATHY, Edward F. MERTEN, and Frank Milton FRANCOIS.


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