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Hessen (Hesse)

An ancient Germanic tribe called Chatti inhabited Hessen (English: Hesse) during the time of the ancient Romans. The Chatti are the descendants of Asshur. They were known as the Assyrians in the historical accounts in the Bible. Chatti is from the Hebrew root word chathath, which means to terrorize, or break down. The word German is the Latin word for war-man.
   The Hessians and all Germans of Central and Southern Germany and the Austrians appear to be a Semitic tribe descended from Noah through his son Shem. Shems's second son was Asshur (Assyrians), brother of Arphaxed, who is the ancestor of the Hebrews. Therefore the Germans and the Hebrews are both Semitic, of brother tribes. Asshur had five sons

1. Kharmeh, or Germanni (German)
2. Khatti, or Chatti (Hessians)
3. Akkadians (Quadians)
4. Almani, or Halmani (Allemani)
5. Kassites, or Cossaei (Chauci)

Hessen was very early a Protestant state. It is to this day a Protestant state within Germany. In 1731, King Charles VI of the Austrian House of Hapsburg was Emperor over what is Hessen today, where our MAIER family lived, but Frederick I had himself crowned King of Prussia at Konigsberg, 18 Jan 1701. He had held the title of Elector up to that point as Frederick, III, elector of Brandenburg, having succeeded his father in 1688. He died in Berlin, 1713 and was succeeded by his son Frederick William I, King of Prussia.
    King Frederick William I died in 1740 and was succeeded by his son Frederick II, known as Frederick the Great. His uncle was King George II of England. His mother's brother.
    There was constant wars going on between Austria and Germany and between Germany and Russia and Germany and Sweden. King Frederick II gained much for Prussia during his reign. He died in 1786. The next king was Frederick William II, Frederick the Great's nephew. He lost all the land west of the Rhine to France in 1795, which included Aachen, where my MERTEN ancestors were living at the time. He also lost land to Poland.
    The Prussian Empire was broken up in 1806 when our immigrant ancestor, Johannes Mayer/Maier was only five years old. They were at war with Denmark in 1848. five years before leaving for America.

Our Maier Ancestry In Germany

Johann Ludwig MEYER,
    Johann married Anna Elise HUSSLER 6 Feb 1731, of Walclechisen, Hessen, as recorded in the Bechtheimer Evangelical Church, Bechtheim, Hessen, Prussia.
    Johann was a Master weaver from Biberheim.
    The Maier family lived in Hessen-Darmstadt in what was then a state within Prussia and today is a state within the Federal Republic of Germany.

Son of Johann Ludwig and Anna Elise (HUSSLER) MEYER:

Johann Ludwig MEIER/MEYER, He was evidently born in Bechtheim, Hessen. He is the son of Johann Ludwig & Anna Elise (HUSSLER) MEYER.
    Johann married 1st his sister-in law, Maria Charlotte DUAKHEIMER, 20 Feb 1770, Bechtheim, Hessen. This was an old Jewish custom to marry your brother's widow.
    Johann married second to Maria Elisabeth GROMMETIN of Wollstein in 1774, Bechtheim, Hessen,/ Prussia.
    Johann was a Master Weaver, as was his father.

Son of Johann Ludwig and Maria Elisabeth (GROMMETIN) MEIER/MEYER:

Johannes MEYER, Son of Johann Ludwig & Maria Elisabeth (GROMMETIN) MEYER.
    Johannes married Anna Maria STARK.

Son of Johannes and Anna Maria (STARK) MEYER:

Johannes MAYER/MAIER, born1801, Bechteim, Hessen, Germany (Prussia).
    Johannes married 1st Anna Margaretha SCHLEICHER.
    Johannes married 2nd Elisabeth Barbara HELBELING.
    In 1853, Johannes and Barbara MAIER and 3 children immigrated to the United States from Germany.

See Chapter 2 for Johannes and Barbara MAIER and their family in America.

Kings of Prussia (Germany)

FREDERICK I. KING OF PRUSSIA (1701-171). -also Frederick III of Brandenburg. Born 11 Jul 1657. Konigsberg & died 25 Feb 171), Berlin.

FREDERICK WILLIAM I. KING OF PRUSSIA (171)-1740), -Born 1688, Berlin & died 1740. Potsdam. Son of Frederick I.

FREDERICK II. KING OF PRUSSIA (1740-1786), -Called Frederick the Great. Born 1712 & died 1786. Sans Souci. Son of Frederick William I.

FREDERICK WILLIAM II. KING OF PRUSSIA (1786-1797), -Born 1744 & died 1797. Son of Prince August William, brother of King Frederick II.

FREDERICK WILLIAM III. KING OF PRUSSIA (1797-1840), -Born 1770 & died 1840. Son of Frederick William II.

FREDERICK WILLIAM IV. KING OF PRUSSIA (1840-1861), -Born 1795 & died 1861. Son of Frederick William III.

Chaper 2
Our Maier's Arrive in Perry County, Indiana

Chapter 3
Maier-Wagner-Mann Family of Perry County, Indiana

Chapter 4
Anna "Annie" MAIER MERTEN of Salem, Illinois

Chapter 5
John D. Maier of Perry County, Indiana

Chapter 6
Fred Maier of Magehee, Desha County, Arkansas

Chapter 7
Henry Maier of Perry County, Illinois

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